This website will be dedicated to the premier nightlife & entertainment area in Thailand. Bangla Road, is located in Patong on the Island paradise of Phuket. We will serve as your one-stop-shop for all relevant, informative and up to date information relating to bars, nightclubs, hotels, shops and other happening's on Bangla Road and the soi's (streets) that surround it.

 All road's in Phuket lead to Bangla Road. If you haven't visited Bangla Road yet, chances are you soon will.

Our team of "Thailand Addict's" will soon be travelling to Phuket to gather the information needed to bring you the most comprehensive Bangla Road website on the internet.

Please check back shortly. And if you cant do that, then get yourself on a plane and check out Bangla for your self.

Kind Regards

"The Bangla Bandit"



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